BREAKING NEWS  – Rapid detection of antibiotic resistance in down to 2 hours on primary clinical sample – BREAKING NEWS 

Test kits for enzyme activity

Individual kits for rapid sample analysis

SmartID® probes are sold as powder or solution, or as individual ready-to-use packs. Combined with our dedicated fluorescence reader, our kits allow for rapid analysis of a multitude of sample types.

The application protocol for our kits is remarkably simple: mix the probe solution with the sample suspected of containing the enzyme activity, incubate for 5 to 30 minutes, centrifuge with a routine instrument, and read out the fluorescent signal.

We are proud to propose our first kit of a phenotypical test for antimicrobial resistance in primary clinical samples. The exceptional performance of PYTHIA is due to the capacity to 1.) collect the signal generated by the ENTIRE clinical sample (impossible for conventional tests) for maximum sensitivity, and thus minimum testing times, and 2.) to QUANTITATE this activity (patient-monitoring & patient cohort monitoring).

PYTHIA is practically the ONLY test to waive the need for bacterial culture (to artificially enhance detection sensitivity), and the need for heavy instrumentation.


Molsid’s PYTHIA test is practically the only test to waive the need for bacterial culture, and the need for heavy instrumentation.

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