BREAKING NEWS  – Rapid detection of antibiotic resistance in down to 2 hours on primary clinical sample – BREAKING NEWS 


Molsid designs chemical reactants that allow for the detection of enzyme activity with exquisite sensitivity. This new generation of fluorogenic molecular probes answers unmet needs in many industrial sectors.

Our signature technology, dubbed SmartID®, consists of reactants generating an intensely fluorescent precipitate in response to enzyme activity. These so-called fluorogenic probes deliver exceptional performance thanks to a proprietary molecular spacer that ensures (1) total probe stability in the absence of the targeted enzyme activity and under the stressful conditions of incubation with live cells, and (2) in its presence: rapid generation of the fluorescent precipitate.

Total probe stability is paramount to useful industrial applications as false-positive results can be ruled out.

But most importantly: applications in the biomedical arena are now possible that were hitherto out of our reach, thanks to the retention of the fluorescent signal as a precipitate at the site of enzyme activity (live cells, lateral-flow tests, etc.).

The scope of SmartID® is large: many enzyme activities can be targeted. This allows for the design of diverse tests for the health sector (in vitro diagnostics), for quality control during industrial production, and for environmental analyses (including waste-water monitoring).

Please find below an extract of our current probes available. We also provide custom probe development