BREAKING NEWS  – Rapid detection of antibiotic resistance in down to 2 hours on primary clinical sample – BREAKING NEWS 

Fluorescence reader for quantitative measurement

The first reader for automated quantitative fluorescence analysis

Molsid has developed a fluorescence reader that allows for rapid analysis of its proprietary test kits. Signal quantitation is a major innovation in the fields of enzyme-based in-vitro diagnostics (human and animal) and quality control (agro-food and other industries). Clinical experts for antimicrobial resistance (AMR) are now in the position to monitor AMR levels in patients and patient cohorts thanks to the availability of PYTHIA, Molsid’s solution for the emergency testing in the hospital’s emergency wards, ICUs and surgery departments.

Our reader can be adapted to the sample type you need to analyze.

Our fluorescence reader is equipped with a tactile interface. A barcode reader is included to automatically save scans and generate datasheets (fully programmable). The user interface includes a complete software suite that automates the analysis and data processing for immediate recording and presentation of the results. Its small size makes it an attractive solution for laboratories that are concerned with space restrictions, whether in the hospital, the factory, or in the field.

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