BREAKING NEWS  – Rapid detection of antibiotic resistance in down to 2 hours on primary clinical sample – BREAKING NEWS 

 Molsid has been accepted by the Longitude Prize for AMR as a competing team

We are proud to announce that Molsid has been accepted by the Longitude Prize for AMR as a competing team. This is a great honour as it shows that we fulfil the stringent criteria that a team needs to fulfil in order to enter the race. We look forward to present to the jury our PYTHIA kit & device for AMR detection, the result of several years of focused efforts based on a patented molecular probe technology that has been developed over the course of 15 years of academic R&D led by Pr Jens Hasserodt at École normale supérieure de Lyon.

The Longitude Prize is an inducement prize contest organised by Nesta, the British innovation foundation, in the spirit of the 18th-century Longitude rewards. It will offer an £8 million pay-out to the team that develops an affordable, accurate, and fast Point-of-Care test for bacterial infection that is easy to use anywhere in the world. Such a test will allow the conservation of antibiotics for future generations and help solve the global problem of antimicrobial resistance.

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