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Cell-health screening assays

Cell health assays & custom cellular assays

Cell-health assays are essential for the monitoring of the biochemical pathways included in drug discovery pipelines :

  • Screening and studying new drugs and their effects on cell viability and cell proliferation.
  • Studying cellular changes that lead to pathological conditions such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegeneration.
  • Identifying factors that affect specific biological processes such as stem cell differentiation, immune cell activation etc.

Custom cellular assays:

Custom SmartID probes can be designed for the detection and the monitoring of biological and cellular mechanisms of interest for your project. Such custom-designed assays are a powerful tool to determinethe efficacy and the toxicological profile of new drug candidates in a wide variety of biochemical processes such as cell migration, invasion of cancer cells or viability of stem cells.

Cell-health screening assay for senescence:

Cellular senescence is the dynamic process of lasting cell-cycle arrest. Senescent cells remain metabolically active and often acquire a distinctive bioactive secretory phenotype. The in vivo assessment of senescence is receive increasing attention because of senescence’ numerous biological implications, both in the context of beneficial conditions such as development, tumor suppression, and wound healing, and in detrimental conditions, where senescent cell accumulation has been shown to contribute to aging and age-related diseases.

SmartID for senescence detection is a solution designed to histochemically detect senescence-associated beta-Gal activity (biomarker) in cultured cells and tissue sections. SA-beta-Gal is present only in senescent cells and is not found in pre-senescent, quiescent, or immortal cells.

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